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Parts recommendations thread
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Author Parts recommendations thread
Hey there. I had a question about some parts and I figured I’d make it a general thread for specific parts recommendations, I’ll check it every now and again and add suggested parts to the top of the thread. If you have a part that works great with Oakley and you think others should know, post it.

You can find an (outdated) list of Mouser part numbers here, which I’ve found very helpful.

On to my question. The part I’m unsure about right now is the ribbon cables, mentioned as being needed for the Slim VCO. The SVCO parts list mentions:
    - 2 x 5 way 0.1” box header
    - A very small length of 10-way 0.05” IDC cable. You can cut down larger width to make 10
    way if you need to.

I’ve been doing searches on Mouser (I’m in Texas, so they deliver same day), and I’m not totally sure what’s appropriate to get. Partially because I’ve never worked with connector systems like this, and the Oakley documentation didn’t explain them to the degree a beginner needed. I tried searching the forum, but all my searches get 0 results.

I think I need ribbon cable, the socket that goes on the board, and a connector that the ribbon goes into, which can then be plugged and unplugged as needed.

I found these that I think match (LINKS):
Here’s a Molex box header.
A ribbon cable.
An IDC connector.

But I’m not understanding enough info from the Mouser pages or datasheets to feel sure they’re matching. If you can explain this or recommend parts that will work, please let me know.
Blake Smith
You could try this, just separate the 10 connector cable in to 2 5 connector wide ones. The important thing is the pitch is .100in or 2.54mm: ha2pyFadug8b%2fV8mTL6gTNi71hEITXohYbUq%2f%2fYwlg%3d
ProducerMatt wrote:
Here’s a Molex box header.
A ribbon cable.
An IDC connector.

The box header and the IDC connector look good. The cable is not correct - that's a flat jumper interconnect.

I reckon this should do:

Mouser Part No: 517-3365/10FT

Buy more than two connectors as you may well make a mess of the joining process (crimping) - trust me, it's easy to cock it up. You can buy a special tool for squashing IDC cable into the connectors but you can do the small ten way ones in a vice if you are careful.

Blake Smith
Sorry, seems I was completely wrong.
I’ve noticed that the Alpha pots needed are usually not available on Mouser. Are there any other brands that work just as well? Or, is there a good place where I can get exactly the ones I need, that don’t require me to buy bulk or pay VAT? I’m fine with any shaft type as long as I can get all the same.
Hey! I'm a newbie putting together a BOM for a bunch of Oakley stuff as well so this is helpful (I'm in Canada though).

Here's a link to the Alpha pots at Small Bear: 6mm-pc-mount-vertical/

I believe these are the right ones for most of the Oakley projects?
Hi aunderhi! Sadly, the store is broken for me, when I go to my cart its empty, and it’s on a different domain too. (

Does it work for you? I don’t have an account, do you?

EDIT: I set up an account but that doesn’t work either. I’ll email them I guess.
Also, is there a place I can just get a whole collection of M3 screws, nuts, and spacers? That’d be perfect.
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