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Ideas for Movement
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Author Ideas for Movement
How do you guys add movement in your tracks?

I usually have edited scene+performance pages on Rytm for drums. On the modular, mainly, filter sweeps, delay and feedback, reverb feedback, playing with decay and release and modulation to any parameter of taste.

Any other idea?? Or any good technique or preference for the ones I mentioned??
- slow lfo's on cutoff for snare, clap and hihats

- keeping at least the pattern of one instrument on a different time signature (i prefer a six bar loop there)

- keep some lfos / envelopes free running, hand tapped and synced but uneven pinged (i use monome meadowphysics for this)

- different depths of reverb also panned reverb

- sequenced parameters in general

- also samples like fieldrecordingsvfor more background stuff which are not in sync
When OP says movement, I think dynamics and modulation. You basically have volume, pitch, timbre, speed/time, and stereo position to play with. Break it down like this and you have a lot of options.

Totally agree with slumberjack on having some stuff free running as opposed to tempo synched.

OP's initial list is good, too.

Don't forget automated pan positions (literal movement), phasing, chorus, and LFO'd additive techniques like wavefolding. Try modulating the tempo a little or a lot, or at least modulating clock divisions. Modulate clocked delay times. Put filters, folders, or phasers on your effects loops. Modulate wet/dry to pull elements front and back. Modulate octave switching.

Of course, balance all this with something anchored, usually bass or vocals...but that's tradition, not a rule.

So many fun options!
i often use a slow flanger on hihats, snare, bass or a synth parts and phasers on strings and pads

i’m always learning a lot about movement by listening to early dub like king tubby and try to play with the mixer and effects like delay, reverb and phasers like an instrument. it‘s just crazy how much they made out of what they got.
Absolutely flange or phase stuff. Manually adjust the synths (knobs). "play" the drum machine live.
jloveland wrote:
Absolutely flange or phase stuff. Manually adjust the synths (knobs). "play" the drum machine live.

+1 / turn of quatization
GuyaGuy wrote:


I like using random or off beat sources to make rather drastiskt changed (add effects, filtrering, volume, pan, etc). It can be quite crude in my productions but often works as a separate groove.
GuyaGuy wrote:

haha yeah, very important and often over looked in these parts!!

in terms of techno and some "experimental" music where there aren't many chord changes... you should look into the interplay of all elements as a whole and also timbrel shifts. subtle adjustments over time can make a world of difference if everything interlocks nicely.
this waves plugin
Brauer Motion
using in more experimental ideas- pretty much chasing it on every gesture element -
more standard song stuff - on song section changes
would love to get my hands on the hardware it is based on but not likely

and also use lots of haas effect tricks - crossfading between two opposite images and such - great for depth

and lately - reamping and swinging a mic around the speaker - the doppler effect can make non pitched elements really dance
and create some cool detuned effects with pitched stuff - though minimal control on my swinging, haven't sorted the math speed thing for any accuracy
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