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n00b question - Serge TKB / TKS
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Author n00b question - Serge TKB / TKS
Years ago i used a serge sequencer with touch plates, but im in confusion as to what it actually is...

I thought there was one module, called the TKB, but now im starting to doubt, as i see people talking about the TKB and the TKS?

So is there one that does sequencing, and a similar one that, i guess, does not?

The item i used was Serge, rather than diy. Id like to build a replica, but i need to clear up my confusion before thinking about that.

So, are there TKBs that do not sequence? And is the TKB different from the TKS, or is it just two names for the same thing?
the bad producer
The only other variant with the pads is the 'Transient Hotel' (or something like that?) which is a whole other thing AFAIK... The full name of the TKB is 'Touch Activated Keyboard Sequencer' so could easily be referred to as a TKS, or indeed TAKBS etc!
I believe the other panel/module variant with touch pads is the TEV (Touch Envelope Voltage source).. here's a thread with some details as to what its supposed to be and how it works 65c98c0b0a57975bb1463c

.. its essentially 8x TG and an 8-step TKB in one panel.. I also recall Rex telling me that there is a 16x TG version that's possible..
the bad producer
Ah, thanks BooleanYulian, I'd never seen a good pic of that panel! That's the 'Transient Hotel' I was thinking of:
Cheers.. i posted the link to Matrixsynth by accident.. the MUff thread that describes this stuff in detail is here: 65c98c0b0a57975bb1463c
I know you're not talking about DIY, but maybe you've read some posts about the TPS (Touch Activated Programmer Sequencer), a TKB look-alike, which was a DIY project from dmitri based on CGS pcb's
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