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General CV firmware update announcement thread
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Author General CV firmware update announcement thread
This thread will serve as a means for announcing General CV firmware updates. Please watch this topic for replies if you would like notification of such updates.

Please keep chat to a minimum on this thread - discussion, support requests etc. can be posted as new topics.
v1.1 is released:

* Added a setting for time until display blank.
* Added 'panic' menu items for all notes/sound off.
* Added control over the output gain (offering up to 6dB more volume compared to v1.0).
v1.2 is released:

* Added 'Additive' mode.
* Added the ability to redefine the mapping of CV inputs to parameters.
* Added control over the effect of the 'Mod Wheel' parameter.
* Added a 'Mod Wheel' parameter to 'Chord' and 'Arpeggiator' modes.
* Added envelope and filter scale parameters to 'CV To MIDI' and 'VCO' modes.
* Added options to disable reverb, chorus and EQ and thus increase polyphony.
* Added a setting for an initial preset to load at startup.
* Added a 'factory reset' menu item.
* In 'Free Playback' mode, retriggering a MIDI file now sends an 'all notes off'.
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