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baby oakley completed- photo
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Author baby oakley completed- photo

6U case & rails from allMetalParts
panels from Schaeffer
fpd files from Oakley (some module names shortened).

The midiDac panel ihas the most changes from the one posted
It has external cv and gate inputs for 3.5mm patch leads added , I laid out the leds vertically and moved midi sockets to the right.
Mults are passive at the moment but later might add active.

I had planned to go for the modern bare aluminium livery ..but decided ultimately that the classic look was deserved.

I paced myself to one module a week 10 weeks approx to complete.
First wiggle of complete system today.

like to thank Tony again for his support. we're not worthy

Still have a question or two to ask the " the Drive pot on the DLF 904A ...when to use it, seriously, i just don't get it
Very nice! Congratulation on a good system!
You use the "drive" pot to subtly add soft overdrive, to get slightly more overtones/high frequencies, but it also changes the sound somewhat. It is not dramatically, it is more a fine shading of the sound, which is why you need a pot and not a switch, so you can choose the amount of change you want to dial in.
Good looking system.

What knobs are you using for the small knobs?

I'd be tempted to put the D-VCA in between the Multimix and the DLF instead of at the end. You can then use it as a mixer for the audio that goes to the filters. Maybe swap the ADSR with the VRG - and then the ADSR can be used a final VCA. But that's just me being a traditionalist VCO-VCF-VCA kinda guy...

terjewinther ..thanks for the advice on the drive knob, i hear the changes ..mostly at the ccw 6-11 oclock ..then past 12 it gets quiet i suspect i must experiment with inputs and input levels. Its good to know it is working as it was designed to.

Tony ...hi, yes im using #17465 "BS Knob small" from Banzai (19mm)
they match #17466 " BS Knob large "

eljay gets the credit for picking parts ...I used his parts spreadsheet.

As to the best positions i had a shortlist of three arrangements to begin with and pondered for an hour over the best ..Ill try yours next iteration of moves. I think i chose well for a small starter system.
Wow nice build! Looks sharp and I bet it sounds fantastic Rockin' Banana!
MUFF WIGGLER Forum Index -> Oakley Sound Systems  
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