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Wired Heart
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Author Wired Heart
Just a shout-out to Tubbutec about their noizbox "Wired Heart"...

Pre-ordered in Sept... shipped Nov 1... exactly when he said... w00t
Took about 10 days from Germany to US... applause
Came very well packed...bubble-wraped in a flat box (not a cheap padded env)... thumbs up
Very inexpensive only $38.00US including shipping and PayPal currency exchange fee... cool
Also includes an extra accessory pack of LEDs, LDRs etc woah
Nicely made...sounds great... never had anything with humidity sensors... This is fun!

I love it...getting some nice samples into my microGranny...
Thanx Tobias...a pleasure doin' business with you... we're not worthy
Hey thank you very much! Happy you like the Heart, always nice to get positive feedback..

Let us know if you record something with it smile

Here is the link for the rest of you:
MUFF WIGGLER Forum Index -> Tubbutec  
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