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COA3 Adventures: from 8-step row to 32 steps w/CGS Div &
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Author COA3 Adventures: from 8-step row to 32 steps w/CGS Div &
COA3 Adventures: from 8-step row to 32 steps with CGS Pulse Div & A.S.M.

I really thought there was a way to patch the COA3's two Programmer/ Sequencers (PS1 & PS2) to work as a single 8-note row, and hopefully, to get all rows patched into a 32-step sequence. The COA3 has two Triple Bi-Directional Switches (BiDSW), and the Pulse Sequencer has up to 10-steps and can be reset at any step count. Each pulse is a high gate, so it can control the "A1/A2" control of the BiDSW.

You start with a clock into the step advance of each PS, and also put the clock in the Divider clock-in. Then the Divider /4 drives the Pulse Sequencer (SEQ) so that four steps in a row can advance for each SEQ pulse. That method alone gets you up to 3.5 rows, or 28 steps. Then you run out of BiDSW's!

That's where the CGS Analog Switch Matrix (ASM) comes to the rescue, to get to the full 4 rows/ 32 steps on the COA3.

This video series shows the convoluted path I took to get here. There's a few variations for less than 32 steps that uses both the Divider and the ASM. There's an 8-step row that just uses the ASM without the BiDSW's. Also, there's a variation of that patch that includes the inverse out of the ASM (plus the Divider /6 + /8 to OR, through Dual Processor for attenuation, to a BiDSW) to get some kind of 6 x 8 sequence.

Also in the video series: at one point (the end of the first vid), after getting two rows going for CV, I took one row out to the variable bandwidth VCFQ for bandwidth CV in, and one row for frequency CV in. That patch needs a lot more attention, it was interesting.

This problem was driving me nuts for months, and in retrospect the solution seems pretty simple and direct. I'm happy to share it so that anyone who hasn't solved it already can use it, and get on with the more important work of actually creating some music with feeling and meaning.

As before on our COA3 Adventures, plus - Timing and Filter are wiggled. It starts to get real at the end.

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