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[Project] Music Thing Modular Spring Mk 2
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Author [Project] Music Thing Modular Spring Mk 2

The updated Spring module is now ready! Sorry it's taken a while. New features include...

  • Internal Feedback control with CV input, dedicated attenuverter and with invert switch for maximum feedbackiness
  • Wet out and feedback in sockets for more flexible patching
  • 3HP Expander – allows for instant switching between reverb brick and spring tank – or set a blend between the two
  • Expander also allows for front panel send and return to spring tank.
  • A few circuit improvements

I published a long medium article about spring reverb and this module here which includes some sound samples.

The design files are here on Github
Kits are available from Thonk
The quickest way to find help or report issues is the Github Issue List

I just completed this and it works wonderfully with a tank, but the brick causes a low frequency distorted oscillation and no discernible reverb. Jumper is in correct place to select brick, not using expander. Joints all look good visually, but would love any additional troubleshooting suggestions. Please redirect me if this is not the right place. Thanks!

EDIT: After resoldering several of the joints which passed visual inspection, the module works!
just build mine. love it! just wanted to know since i had the old one and there was this cap 1nf and 100nf and the other one had a more hifi sound, where as the 1nf one had a more lo-fi splashy sound (tapey). is it c106 that i have to change to 1nf to get that "old" sound?
Markus Fuller just did a great build/user/review of this thumbs up

Markus does quite a lot of videos like this, and they are all well worth watching cool
Hopefully this is the right place to post this.
I made the mk2 spring reverb but something is wrong. The led is fully lit with all pots fully counterclockwise. There is never any audio coming from wet out and the main out is very quiet until i turn feedback up a little bit even with the feedback switch in the off position. I have reflowed everything but still get the same behavior. Heres a link to some pics: Here's a link to some pics
Any help is greatly appreciated!

Solved. I had a diode backwards
Hi folks,

Am puzzling over the schematic of SpringReverbRev2. Is the voltage follower IC102A really necessary? Does IC102B not have enough oomph to drive all that follows, or is a separate buffer necessary for other reasons?

Secondly, if I may, is there a correlation between the trimmer and tank input impedance that makes the trimmer value vaguely predictable?

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