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Lasers and dj mixers
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Author Lasers and dj mixers
when i'm doing laser shows, i end up with several XY pairs of different animations i like to transition between, i'm wondering if theres a particular DJ style crossfader/mixer thing that might be good to use with my setup.

I'm wondering if this DJ mixer would need to be dc coupled or anything like that, or if any standard dj mixer would be cool to try.

im comparing whether i should get a handful of modules to do this functionality or if purchasing a ready made product might be less expensive and do the same thing. most modular stuff isnt in stereo so its sometimes annoying/complicated to patch up and look at (ideas anyone?)
I wasn't planning on using it for this (thanks for the idea, it's great!) but I'm adding a Doepfer dual VC panner/crossfader to my laser rig, which might be what you're looking for. You could feed one of them X information and the other Y information and send a CV signal to go between them. 2 mixers for X, 2 for Y, the crossfader and a simple joystick probably ends up being similar to the cost of a DJ mixer but as far as I know there aren't any DJ mixers that are DC coupled (to say nothing of all the format conversion involved)
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