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Softube Modular to real CV scaling
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Author Softube Modular to real CV scaling
I don't know if this has been covered but how do you scale the output of the Softube modular to be the same thru the CV on a real modular.

Reaktor and expert sleepers have calibration routines that listen to the hardware and correctly scale the output to V/oct or V/hz, so software LFO's etc should 1 to 1 with the hardware, without this its pretty much useless as a bridge to real hardware as nothing matches.

I can't find any such routines in the Softube modular, I contacted support some time ago and they said the following :

"Don't know if it is possible to do a good calibration since I guess that different interfaces gain might vary.
Insert a DCA and use it to trim the output. I guess that you may need to use a voltmeter to set the gain. For an example use the Midi-CV or something else that should output a known CV voltage"

Does anyone have any better ideas as this is somewhat vague, I'm using a MOTU Ultralight MKIII with DC coupled outputs and this works fine with reaktor and expert sleepers.
My setup has it tracking perfectly, with 1v in Softube modular equalling 1v in real voltage.

The support answer is saying you should try playing a midi note (say C3), followed by another note (say C4), to see if there is a difference of exactly 1v. If the difference is less or more than 1v you can put a VCA before the output to amplify or diminish the signal.
Thanks. I'll try that, just a pity they couldn't put in a tuning routine as an extra module
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