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loose ground in power supply?
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Author loose ground in power supply?
im fairly new to the small electronics world
my paia has been working fine up until now
i swapped out a module and suddenly started getting clipping in one of the patches i was running with my vcf with no previous problems
then i got a small shock after grazing an output jack
is this a power supply issue?
i have a multimeter but i dont know what to look for
im assuming its a grounding issue
would this be in the power supply itself or a module
i disconnected the new module i had put in but the same clipping issue arose
any help?
id like to square this away asap so i can finish prepping for a show that i really dont feel like cancelling as i could use the money
Shocks are NOT good. Unless it was just a static discharge which are brief but harmless. If you got a sustained tingle, then you have a potentially dangerous problem.

You should unplug the equipment and contact Paia immediately!
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