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Splitting midi track into two or three for mono synths?
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Author Splitting midi track into two or three for mono synths?
I will probably end up posting this on the reaper forum, but others with other DAWs may have insight so I am posting here. So to make the Eurorack/monosynth sound more polyphonic I thought it would be fun to split sequences into two (or more) separate tracks where every other note goes into the two separate tracks to allow for more release/decay of notes. Is there a cool/more automated way to do this other than manually ripping the notes from one track and pasting them into another? Thanks.
I know this is not exactly what you're describing but i would play with the MIDI plugins in reaper & just experiment.

For something to that effect i would try writing the sequence on one track and applying "JS: MIDI Route Note To Channel". you can specify sending individual notes to different MIDI channels controlling different instruments or voices.

Another experiment to try would be duplicating the same sequence on different tracks/channels and apply the MIDI Filter to narrow which range of notes is being sent. For extra variation, automate the range with an LFO.

You're right its a tricky one to problem solve. One hardware solution comes to mind because it is made for this exact purpose; the future retro Mondovox. this one is a discontinued model but the 512 controller covers some of this territory also... "Check out the 512's Poly MIDI modes, where notes played on the keyboard or MIDI notes received from external devices can be intelligently rerouted to different MIDI channels so that you can play up to 16 monophonic synthesizers polyphonically via MIDI. This works with Note On/Off, Pitch, Pitch Bend, Mod Wheel, Velocity, and Aftertouch. Even if you do not have multiple monosynths, this feature creates some really unique results when controlling multitimbral MIDI sound modules too!" - FR
if you use ableton / M4L you can use midi note filters on duplicated tracks. . either the stock ableton ones or max 4 live (or roll your own). check ..
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