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Moon 569es questions
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Author Moon 569es questions
Read the “manual” but still not actually sure what this module is supposed to do?
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It allows you to select any one of the 32 steps at any time. You could think of it as a more powerful reset function, i.e. instead of always resetting to step one you can reset to any step you like.
The 569ES (as well as the smaller 569ESB) are companion modules for the 569 sequencer that connect to the back of the 569 with a ribbon cable and "set" the current step position of the 569 on the fly.

The 32 jacks of the 569ES correspond to the 32 steps of the 569 and sending a gate into one of the jacks on the 569ES will force the 569 to jump to that step.

So for instance if the 569 is running a basic repeating sequence of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and then you fire a gate into say jack 5 of the 569ES, regardless of where the 569 is in its sequence it will jump to step 5 and then continue on from there, going back to its original pattern.

The gates you send into the 569ES can come from many sources, like the main gate out from another row of the 569, the gate outputs of 569EG or 569EGB, or gates from an external clock or another sequencer, etc.

With a 569, 569ES and 569EG it's possible to create some very complex sequence patterns!

Here's a couple videos that might help:

Got it, thanks! It was built into my 569 based moon sequencing rig without explanation so been trying to figure that out
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