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LZX and Eurorack Audio Integration
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Author LZX and Eurorack Audio Integration
Hi Guys,
Video newbie here, but totally fascinated by the possibility of expanding my Euro audio rig into the video realm. Sound and vision united. what extent do the CV inputs on a number of modules (like Shapechanger and Navigator, for example) allow for a user to truly morph visuals with Euro audio? I'd like to create reactive visuals, triggered by Eurorack-generated rhythms. I don't see too many CV inputs for modulation possibilities as you would see in many Euro audio modules, but I know that's a big part of these modules. How do you use LZX modules together with your Euro audio?
Thank you--
Everything is modulation if you're brave enough.
Understood, Nerdware. Can you or anyone else tell me how you use CV inputs on your video modules? I ask because I don't see too many CV inputs on these modules, but I know that's a big part of the user experience.
LoFi Junglist
srsly never

Controlling the modulation index (the amplitude of a signal that is modulating another signal) is one way that you can integrate your audio modular into your video modular rig when there are limited inputs, that are intended for video signals.

Instead of having one video oscillator FM'ing a second Video oscillator you could pass the signal through a VCA first, and then control the amplitude using an ADSR that also happens to be controlling a filter.

LZX modules do have plenty of VC inputs intended for 'normal' modulation though, once a Euro signal is scaled appropriately there's plenty of possibilities... Just imagine all of the parameters that could be synchronised with a VCO's vibrato for example, if you multed the LFO and had it assigned to a control.
Thanks so much, LoFi.
If it's not too much of a hassle, if someone could post a video that demonstrates some interesting patching to create reactive visuals with their Eurorack audio rig, I'd appreciate it!
LoFi Junglist
Final 15 seconds of this is a great example of audio modulation being applied to LZX modules at the same time.

Thanks so much for the post, Lofi!
Envelope followers are very useful for getting the visuals to "become one" with the audio patch. The doepfer A-119 is pretty handy because of the gain and threshold adjustments and the gate out.
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