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Hot Glue as a Pot Remedy?
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Author Hot Glue as a Pot Remedy?
So far I obviously have been particularly unlucky when it comes to pots.
One flavour of this is popping off backs of some of the Spectrols on my modules.

Till now it's the sixth pot affected by this. waah

However, while changing the broken pots (the back pieces can't be refitted) I'm looking for options to avoid this on the remaining ones.
Since I use to take my synth on stage I'm very concerned that this could happen during a concert. Dead Banana
One thing, and probably the best option, would be by consequently replacing all the pots in question.
But this would be expensive and tedious.

So, how about placing a drop of hot-glue on the backs of the still working Spectrols?
Would you think that's a good idea?

I'd use Araldite Rapid (Epoxy resin) instead of hot melt. Less messy and way harder.

I'm not sure what you are doing though with those poor pots. The only time I popped the back of a few 248 and 149s was when my old modular was knocked onto the ground face down. waah

Yes, this does seem mighty strange! You should try to figure whether there's a reason that the backs are popping off. Perhaps something to do with putting the knobs on? Is a lot of pressure applied then? Because otherwise I can't think why there'd be much pressure on them.
Well Michael IS a very keen tweaker... razz
Hot Glue as a Pot Remedy?

No, that just makes it worse. A strong cup of coffee is the best thing. hihi
ok guys, hang on!

Yes, this synth is being moved a lot, and
yes, I play it a lot.
And yes, I'm very specific when it comes to save shipment of my instrument.
It's not a pretty living-room unit but I love it and it serves me well.
The least thing I want it to do is to break down whilst performing in front of an audience.

The photo above shows the frequency pot of a VC-LFO Paul D. just delivered when we met in Cambridge.
It was that well packed up that I didn't dare open it while being in the UK.

Paul kindly also brought a nice box where all six modules fitted neatly.

I then wrapped this box into a pillow I brought with me and stuffed my backbag:

I think Paul and I did well, I'd say.
I felt safe to check it into the airplane.

Being back home, when I carefully unwrapped the modules (which took quite some time)
the back of this particular potentiometer looked like in the photo above in the first posting.


Maybe I did something wrong, but so far I don't see what.

seriously, i just don't get it
John Nonjohn
Try crazy glue to fix that pot!
Thanks John, but those pots are dead. The back can't be refitted. waah
Bryan B
Maybe you could drill through the metal brackets close to the jack, and block the back in place with a screw. That could break your soldier joints though...
Noiseconformist wrote:
I felt safe to check it into the airplane.

I wonder if this is a air pressure thing. Maybe this one pot was just too air tight and the back popped off whilst in flight. Granted, I've not heard of this before and it does sound unlikely. I have sent these things by air mail many times with no problems but it's hard to see with all that wrapping what could have caused it to come off like that. Maybe a manufacturing defect in the pot may have led to a weakness in the device and the air flight was the straw on the camel's back?

Personally if this is something I depend to perform the best on stage I would do the right thing by replacing the pot rather than glue and hope all functions well. Is this the same brand of pot that keeps breaking? If so I would consider a different brand.
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