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5U and depth
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Author 5U and depth
Hey, so I'm working on slowly filling a 22-space Dotcom cabinet, and I'm having a hell of a time figuring out what I can place in the spaces in front of the qps-1 supply. The Hordijk panel I have on order is right out, COTK everything is too deep, and even the couple of dotcom modules that I have are like a half-inch or so too deep. Any suggestions for stuff that'll fit? The case is the qcp22.
I have Roger’s studio cabinets, not the portable version, but I was under the impression that all modules fit in all of the cabinets, even when mounted in front of the power supply. Now, in addition to sheer space considerations, there are normal conventions surrounding which modules should be mounted near the power supply. If possible, it’s best to keep filters and amps away from the power supply. Personally, I mounted CV generators, utility modules and other non-audio modules around the power supply.

With the parallel mounting of the pcbs, I’d think you’re fine to throw in a couple utility modules and be clear of the power supply. With the bang for your buck, unless you’re particularly concerned about creating a system by a single maker, I think you’re crazy to buy utility modules from anyone other than Roger.

That’s my two cents.
Yeah, I'm not concerned about having a system from only one maker. Thanks for the tip about what not to mount there. My s&h didn't fit, but yeah, utilities make sense. I've got a Serge panel in the works, so I'll need some mults and attenuators anyway.
That’s very odd that the S&H didn’t fit, but I believe you. It seems like pretty terrible planning to make a case that won’t fit the power supply and modules, especially since I believe basically all modules have the same mounting depth, except for the multiples modules.

Again, I don’t have direct experience, since I have the studio cabinets, which are deeper. Good luck and enjoy your synth! I have a three-panel Serge and a 66-space MU synth. I’m not sure what type of music you make, but I really love my Serge. I hope you do as well.
I just checked my cabinet (my wife and I were house-sitting for her folks when I posted this), and it just looks like the supply came loose during transit, and a cable got wedged behind it, pushing it forward. The enclosure on the QPS-1's bent a bit, but if I fix that and the screws, it looks like the S&H will just squeeze in. I feel like an idiot, though lol

drob842, I'm actually building the Serge panel for my dotcom case, hence the need for mults. I'm looking to do mostly experimental stuff with my system, so having a few CGS/Serge pieces in too.
Rex Coil 7
DISCLAIMER: The conclusions you are about to read are pure conjecture and speculation on my part.

I've disassembled many Synthesizers.Com modules over the past two months. Some of them are literally less than a week old, and others are over 15 years old.

What I've discovered is older Dot Com modules used a 1.25" long standoff to mount the PCBs on, newer modules use a 1.5" standoff. Now, when I say "older", I'm talking 13+ year old modules made around 2004 or prior. "Newer", of course, meaning made after that era.

I'm going to take a huge leap of speculation here and say that it may be that the 22 space Portable cabs were designed early on, back when the shorter standoffs were standard equipment on all modules. The 0.250" shorter standoff may have created ~just enough~ space to permit the design of a 7" deep cabinet.

I have absolutely nothing to back up my assertions.

Personally, I cut my rack cases down to 9 inches of depth, and even at 9 inches deep it's a bit snug when sharing space with a QPS1.

SIDE NOTE: Middle Atlantic rack cases are shipped "flat pack", and require some screwingdriver assembly. They also have no backs. They are 16 inches deep, but since they are disassembled when shipped, the singular panels are super easy to cut down to 9 inches prior to assembly. Additionally, the way they arranged the assembly screws that hold the rack cabs together, when you trim off 7 inches off of the rear of each panel, two of the three assembly screws in each corner are still left intact, and nicely spaced at that. So even after cutting 7 inches from their depth, there are still 8 assembly screws left intact, you've only removed one screw from each corner after cutting them. Add a little glue prior to assembly of the HDF rack cabs (High Density Fiberboard ... really dense/heavy stuff), and you've got a tractor-solid rack cab.

It's almost like the designers thought ahead and designed those rack cabs to be cut down and assembled with the least amount of hassle possible.

Off topic a bit, but I thought the side trip was appropriate given the topic.
It's not an unreasonable guess, though. Even with the QPS-1 wedged back into place, the clearance is still minimal.
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