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Electroacoustic / abstract / timbre-focused music
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Author Electroacoustic / abstract / timbre-focused music
I made a thread a while ago about electroacoustic music made with modulars (where I learned how ambiguous the term "electroacoustic" apparently is). I've gotten a lot more enamoured with this type of music overall, regardless of the medium it's created in. I still feel like I'm barely scratching the surface in terms of the amount of artists making this kind of music though, and I'd love to find more recommendations if anyone has them. Hopefully the thread title this time clarifies what I'm looking for a but more this time: Music that's not so much focused on pitch and rhythm as it is creating sounds, or modifying sounds into things that haven't been heard before. Here's some of my favorites so far:

I'm also a big fan of Curtis Roads and Morton Subotnick, as I've mentioned in other threads.
medium Rob
Jon Abbey recently put up most of the Erstwhile catalog on Bandcamp.. maybe 80% of the music is classified as "EAI", or electro-acoustic improvisation. Keith Rowe (AMM) and Toshimaru Nakamura (no-input mixing board) feature on several releases. I'd def recommend the Graham Lambkin/Jason Lescalleet collaborations (at least, the first two of the 'trilogy') - some favorites: (not on Erstwhile, but awesome)

AMM Newfoundland | A Rainy Koran Verse [UK Live] by +Minus | The Just Reproach by Oren Ambarchi & John Tilbury -
sort of 'top/choice' picks in this area of music

Haptic, too
There's loads to enjoy on the Entr'acte label -

I particularly like Helena Gough's albums, and Dark Camber by Lee Fraser

You'll perhaps enjoy John Wall... check his bandcamp -
medium Rob wrote:
Haptic, too

Haptic are (were?) dope.

Personal fave of the past decade relevant to this thread:

medium Rob

Boring Embroidery
by Stephen Cornford, Samuel Rodgers

another favorite.. this one's definitely AMM-like, w/a bit more tonality
medium Rob

Michael Pisaro - fields have ears (10) (constellation, monarch, canyon)

John Tilbury (piano) with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Ilan Volkov.
Recorded: may 8, 2016 Tectonics Glasgow
Floex for sure! I find that a lot of electro-acoustic music can get pretty incoherent/messy just by virtue of the infinity of sound you have to somehow reduce to a fluid work of sound/music; Floex, however, manages to blend the line between electronic and acoustic so deftly and organically, my mouth is more often agape than not when listening to his compositions. Listen to the Samorost 3 OST and Zorya and enjoy!
plux quba

wow liked that one. hard to find in print...
Plux Quba was actually reissued a year or two ago I believe. Not sure if that pressing vanished, but...I had the Dexter's Cigar (or was it Moikai?) reissue on CD when it first came out in the late 90s (if I recall) and was excited to get the vinyl reissue smile
Talented Scottish composer - heard some of her work at NYCEMF awhile back - rich stuff!
Another Timbre is a record label in the UK that specialises in this kind of stuff.
Ryuichi Sakamoto
+1 for Entr'acte

This new Tom Mudd sounds very interesting!

Robert Crouch - Descension [Touch]

wow this is so deep and beautiful!

any idea what modular system he is using ?
medium Rob
cptnal wrote:
Another Timbre is a record label in the UK that specialises in this kind of stuff.

Another Timbre is a fantastic label... they've been going really strong over the last several years. If I had to choose favorites, I'd deffo go with these:

Ist gefallen in den schnee -
Lost Daylight
Horsky park

Potlatch is another sort of stalwart label in this area.. the last couple of Marc Baron albums are absolutely ace.
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