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New album from Anatolia's Finest
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Author New album from Anatolia's Finest

V. intense stuff. "heavy use of the d1000, s2000."

An album is nothing without the people that worked on it. S/O to Nia Sabah Nur (Tristian Nia LaFollette), J'owl (Jason Chamberlain), The Wretch (Michael Weeks), youngster jiji (James Tybg Campbell), Me vs. The Kite (Earl Ignacio), DRONK LUUZR (Mike Williams), Novelty (Tony LaMothe). Mixed by myself, Earl Ignacio, and Rob Castro / ATB Studios. Mastered by Hermetech Mastering (Gregg Hermetech) and Rob Castro / ATB Studios. Album art by Gnug Wulandana. Vinyl coming soon, manufactured via Bladud Flies.

Major shout outs to Metasonix, Electro-Faustus (Voe Jella / Eric Faustus), Industrialectric, Make Noise, Mutable Instruments

Also, giant tube amp for no reason
1. L5 Death L4 Suicide: Vox - Glitchgmachines Hysteresis. actual sax.

2. Dust: Vox - Glitchgmachines - Fracture. S2000 - cv via Malekko NoiseRing. S2000 bass - gated via make noise WoggleBug cv. Mutable Instruments Grids controlling metasonix d1000. Electro-faustus astral whip for interludes. Circuit Abbey ANDY.

3. Gehenna Prime: Guitar -> Metasonix tm-5. Guitar -> freq box -> autowah. Electro Faustus Drone thing -> industrialectric rm-1n reverb. Electribe ER-1.

4. Random Metal Appendage : mutable instruments grids -> metasonix d1000. make noise woggle bug -> metasonix s2000. Circuit Abbey ANDY. Glitchmachines Hysteresis / Fracture

5. Wretch Inspired : metasonix kv100 filtered noise rhythm. Korg Electribe ES-1 kick. Kawai K1m -> metasonix tm-1 -> industrialectric RM1n. Metasonix s2000 -> audible disease schizodelay -> industrialectric rm1n (gated by Make Noise Woggle bug). Critter and guitar balsa bass -> audible disease schizodelay -> industrialectric rm1n. MicroKorg -> audible disease schizo delay -> industrialectric rm1n.

6. Transmission Alpha : Manual glitching on vox. complex loop of make noise woggle bug, metasonix s2000, make noise phonogene, circuit abbey andy.

7. Venom Surge : Electro Faustus Drone thing -> some crappy delay -> industrialectric RM1n. Electribe ER-1 -> metasonix xs-vca “horse” (both outputs.. trust me it made it hell to mix). Metasonix s2000 -> i’m not even sure what.

8. Lariat Mistletoe : guitar -> metasonix tm7. guitar -> electro faustus grey fly. korg electribe er-1 -> metasonix tm7. electro faustus grey fly -> strymon el capistan
This is really good smile
Now available on Google Play. romasurge_-_Anatolias_Finest

And on iTunes.
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