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Aphex Twin Mt. Fuji Cassette
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Author Aphex Twin Mt. Fuji Cassette
Lot of Buchla 200 and 200e inside

4. (5:24) Buchla 200 Rhtym 2B
9. (15:09) Buchla 200e Pulses 8LP9
10. (17:06) Buchla 200e XY MARF
11. (20:31) 3buchla + MARF B + 6
20. (38:23) Buchla 200 6
21. (41:31) Buchla 200QUAD EQ,FM OSC F6 Net 2dk Edit
27. (53:59) Buchla 200e 31patches
28. (57:31) 291E Buchla Talk
36. (1:11:57) Buchla Master Edit Rend
I've been grooving to this. I've been wondering what selection of modules he used, so it's nice at least to get some basic info via the tracklisting.

I think it's cool that he likes/uses 200e modules! I assumed he would only have the vintage stuff. Plus, I seem to remember someone telling me Richard has a 200 Series system (can't speak on the accuracy of that statement though). I remember reading an interview that he did last year in which he lists the Buchla 400 amongst the instruments he was using at that time. Thought it was pretty insane/cool to see the Buchla 400 on that list. It kind of stuck out like a sore thumb, especially since there are probably what, maybe 20 Buchla 400s (liberal guess) on this planet? I'm sure Rick would be able to give a much better (accurate) figure.
He's famously disingenuous when it comes to talking about gear in interviews, although if anyone could get their hands on a Buchla 400, I'd imagine it would be him.

I think some of those tracks are from his epic Soundcloud situation from a while back. Will definitely check out the full recordings.
MUFF WIGGLER Forum Index -> Buchla, EMS & Serge  
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