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What is this sound?
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Author What is this sound?
So, I recently came across this bomb NIN track that I somehow slept on and was wondering whether anyone knew how he did this one sound...

It's the instrument that comes in at around 1:02 and plays the staccato notes and I love it and the vibe it gives. There is also a "solo" like bit at 4:15 where you can hear some of the subtitles better.

Can anyone discern if it is a sampled plucked instrument with effects overlayed or is it synthesized? Any ideas on how to replicate?

To me it sounds a little bit like a heavily processed guitar or cello, I noitce there seems to be flageolets present in some notes.
Maybe a pad stack built from a tuned steel drum coupled to a "tired head" tom in parallel with a string instrument going into a separate, highly resonate filter/overdrive pedal?
It sounds to me like a heavily distorted guitar being plucked (or maybe some karplus strong synthesis) being ring modulated with some fuzz

or maybe a tank drum being ran through a overdrive pedal.

it is a great sound but all the distortion makes it hard to tell if the impulse is a string pluck or percussive hit
Sounds like it could be a Kalimba, either mic'd or with a pickup built into it, and run through distortion and effects?

Listen to this chap's video demo, not exactly like the sound in the NIN piece but similar? At 3:35 he used a fuzz box and at 7:10 there is fuzz+phaser:
Ooh, great ideas everyone!

I think it might be a kalimba indeed with some velocity triggered distortion.
It seems to me that the lead that plays after the part at 1:02 is probably a clean version of the instrument and I think it's likely a kalimba.

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