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Using EQ to emulate instrument bodies?
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Author Using EQ to emulate instrument bodies?
Hey guys,
So i was reading through the description of the mutable instruments Shelves and in the last paragraph it says something about using EQ to emulate the body of a physical instrument in a physical modelling patch.
This got me rather curious as i love synthesizing "acooustic sounding" noises and im quite big on using resonators and the likes in my music.

I wonder if anybody here has experience or knows of any resources on the topic. Which frequencies/ bands do you enhance or dampen? Is there any specific hard- or software you like to use for this?

Thanks in advance!
The Grump
You could check out the Corpus effect in Ableton. A Kyma system to do this sort of thing easily. There might be some algorithms for that in an Eventide system, but most physical modelers do not have external audio inputs, that I am aware of. The Mutable units are pretty special in that way.
If you have Reaktor check out Harm Visser's physical modeling toolkit.
There's a good article by Gordon Reid at SOS on the subject.

Resonators like the RES-4 are good at this. Or VC-EQs, or convolution reverbs like the Mungo ...
Morpheus might tickle your fancy in that direction?
Also, IRs are often used to emulate resonate bodies.
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