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Easel timbre offset: what is it?
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Author Easel timbre offset: what is it?
In the Easel manual, Allen Strange describes the Timbre offset as:

A gradual introduction of low-ordered harmonics will be perceived, and their relative amplitude relationships will be continually varied as the offset is increased. This process is essentially the opposite of filtering, involving the introduction and selected accentuation of various harmonics and generating sounds that are virtually impossible to achieve through filtering.

What is it doing, though? Is it a wavefolder? Some other kind of wave shaping? What is a more general term for what creates the sonic effect that ensues when you sweep that offset?
Aha: reading the DPO manual, it cites the Easel timbre circuit explicitly:

The Sine wave is the classic waveform that would feed a wave folder, as utilized in both the Buchla 259 and the Buchla Music Easel Timbre circuits. Since wave-folding introduces lower order harmonics to the signal, the extremely low amount of harmonics in a Sine wave allows the circuit to do its job perfectly, resulting in smooth and glitch-free folding of the waveform.

So, it's wave folding, which is why the change is more audible when the waveform pot is fully CCW, which is to say a sine wave.
The timbre offset wavefolds a sinewave oscillator that is a separate oscillator from the selectable spike/square/triangle oscillator. The waveshape knob crossfades between the output of the wavefolder and the multi-waveform oscillator.
Thanks, Drillionaire! This is fun!
I think it is well known that as the timbre knob/slider is increased awesomeness is proportionally increased. That is science.
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