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What do the Wogglebug Jacks do?
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Author What do the Wogglebug Jacks do?

This is a bit embarrassing... A few years ago I built the wogglebug shown above. I forget how I go the panel and PCB, but I did and I built it, and I thought - neat! It puts out noise and weird voltage!

I then put it in my "to rack" pile and forgot about it. Now I have gotten more interested in "random" generators and I'm pretty sure this does that, but I can't find the information for this wogglebug online.

I see info for the make noise, the wiard, and others, but not this one. I prefer to know what I'm patching, so while exploration has been fun, it's also been frustrating, can anyone point me to information as to what the jacks do and how they affect each other? I'd like to see if I can go back to using this wogglebug and get rid of a Euro Qubit Nano Rand I picked up.

I'd also be interested in any mods to add a clock indicator LED.

Is this the board you've got ?

If so here's a bunch of mods
The design of this module is very similar to other wogglebugs. Below is a video for erica synth's wogglebug which is almost identical to yours.
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