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New VCV Rack Video Series
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Author New VCV Rack Video Series
Hi folks:

I was inspired by Robin Vincent's Youtube channel "Molten Modular" and by his series of videos about his journey of learning about modular synthesis. So I created my own channel "Modular Curiosity". I'm not is a position to afford a physical modular rack, so I'm learning about modular synthesis with the VCV Rack Software and then documenting my journey.

I don't assume to be any sort of expert at all, it's more a case of "Oh wow, I can do that!? Let me share that."

Also, I don't want to spam MW with a post every time a new episode comes out so I'll just add new episodes to this thread as they come out.

I hope you enjoy it. I'm certainly having fun learning about VCV Rack.

Channel Trailer:

Episode 1 : Installing VCV Rack (Now updated for version 0.5.1)

Episode 2 : Modular Basics

Episode 3 : Fun with Oscillators

Episode 4: Gates and Triggers

Episode 5 : Sequencers

Just added Episode 6 : Clocks

Episode 7 : Build a patch which mimics one of the functions of Ornaments & Crime.

Episode 8 : The Befaco Rampage

Episode 9 : More Befaco Modules Part 1

Episode 10 : The Befaco A*B+C and even MORE things the rampage can do.

Episode 11 : Exploring Wave Tables with Braids

Episode 12: Generating melodies with LFOs.

Episode 13 : Playing with the resonator module (Mutable Instruments Rings)

Episode 14 : Attenuverters and side chaining
Thank you for the videos. I have been enjoying these.
wogglebug wrote:
Thank you for the videos. I have been enjoying these.

Thank you very much. I'm certainly learning a lot about both Modular synths, and how to film these things. I Gotta work on that overmodulated microphone though. hihi
Great little series. Very useful info!
hey, great idea! I'll watch these soon smile Keep 'em coming!
Much appreciated, thank you!
I can't believe I'm already up to 10 episodes. I hope you're still enjoying them.
DruLeeParsec wrote:
I can't believe I'm already up to 10 episodes. I hope you're still enjoying them.

Keep'em coming!

Better than Netflix we're not worthy
really good ones!
I need to re-watch — and take notes this time — because there's always some little detail that seems fascinating in context, then I can't remember it when I actually go to try and do something similar.
Really nice work here my friend; enjoying the journey! Keep up the good work.
Episode 12, generating melodies using LFOs is now available.
Am I the only one who clicked this thread hoping that VCV now had video synthesis modules like LZX creates ? Dead Banana
Virtual analog emulated video synthesis is still years away, but VCV Rack gives you full ability to render OpenGL 3D and/or NanoVG 2D canvas graphics, so it's possible to make visualization modules that respond to CV and audio.
In Episode 13 I play with the Audible instruments "Resonator" which is modeled after the Mutable Instruments "Rings" module.

if you have a mac there is lumen-app which is a virtual analog video synthesizer - and is f***ing brilliant

you can control it via midi cc - so should be able to do this from vcvrack

BUT they are both resource hogs - I have trouble running both simultaneously on my late 2016 MBP 13" escape key model with 8GB

mostly heard in slow down of audio in VCVRack
Thanks for these videos. I'm in a similar situation where I'm not financially ready to take the dive into an actual build. This will be fun to play around with in the meantime!
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