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Laurie Anderson: voice lowering
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Author Laurie Anderson: voice lowering
How did/does Laurie Anderson actually do her signature real-time voice-lowering, as here: =316

Is it just a pitch-shifting effect? Is there more to it than that? Filters?
yes it‘s basically a pitch-shift 5 half-tones down. That was quite new in the late 70‘s, and expensive, so Laurie Anderson was probably the first artist who used that specific effect for live performances.
Michael O.
I would venture to guess that she used an Eventide H910 or H949
My mum introduced me to Laurie Anderson. Probably 20 years ago. I thought she was mad. Laurie, and mum.

The Superman song came on the radio a few weeks back. Now as a music producer myself, I heard the song with a new/different set of ears. It's a great example of how music doesn't need to be complex to be interesting, and that melodic or percussive elements don't have to be delivered 'out of the box'.
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