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SVCO-B issues
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Author SVCO-B issues
I've built two SVCO-Bs, one is working fine and the other is misbehaving. The octave lights work but the pitch of the oscillator does not change octave. When switching from LFO to 32' the pitch changes by about a semitone, and then it remains exactly the same for all the other octave settings. It seems to track 1V/Oct OK.

I've checked all the polarised parts are the right way round. I suspect the issue is on the octave board or interconnect, any ideas?
1. Have a look at the voltage on pin 7 of U7. It should be around -10V. If not suspect the interconnection. It may be worth swapping it with your good SVCO. If all is OK then...

2. Have a look at the voltage on pin 1 of U7 on the octave board. It should change when you flip the octave switch. At 8' the voltage should be 0V, at 4' roughly 1.1V, at 2' roughly 2.2V.

If it doesn't suspect a problem around U7 or U5.

Just got home after a month away. Swapped the interconnects round, works fine. Should have thought of that, thanks Tony.
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