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ES-3 ES-5 ESX-8CV combination not working anymore
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Author ES-3 ES-5 ESX-8CV combination not working anymore
Hi all!

I was using the ES-3 ES-5 ESX-8CV combination for a while without problems.

I have 3 RME Fireface 800, the ES-3 is connected to one of the ADAT outs of one of the FF800.

Recently I added an Antelope Pure2 to my setup and now the Pure2 is clocking the 3 FF800 via Word Clock. The ES-3 is still connected to the same FF800 as usual. Everything works as long as I use only the ES-3 and the ES-5, as soon as I connect the ESX-8CV everything goes crazy.

Is there a known problem about this combination when the ADAT signal is coming from a device clocked externally?

If I go back to the old configuration (without Pure2) everything works again.

Is clock transmitted from the ES-3 to the ES-5 to the ESX-8CV?

What exactly happens when "everything goes crazy"? E.g. does the ES-3 stop producing any output? Or just the 8CV? Something else?
Hi OS and thank you for being there (as usual!).

What I get is the following:

ES-3 Outs 1 to 6 = normal correct LFO outputs

ES-3 Outs 7 and 8 = nothing (which I think is correct)

ES-5 Outs 1 to 8 = rectified sines (0/+5V) in groups of 3, 5, 6... I cannot see too good, they are quick!

EXS-8CV Out 1 to 8 = sort of S&H (-5V/+5V)

I attach pictures taken from the O'Tool.

The ESX-8CV is connected to Bus #2.

This configuration is still working as it did for a long time as long as I don't use the Pure2 (Aggregate Device with 3x FF800) and I connect the ADAT cable to the FF800 being the master. Or if I use only 1 FF800 (being obviously the master of itself). If I connect it to a slaved FF800 I get these problems. I tried all possible combinations of master, slave, in all orders and the only one that works is the old one: 3x FF800 with the ES-3 connected to ADAT 1 Out (or ADAT 2 as well) of the master FF800.

But if I exclude the EXS-8CV then the ES-3 and the ES-5 work fine.

I just got an EXS-8MD as part of the general upgrade I did in my studio, I don't know if it will work in my new environment, I still didn't test it. I'd prefer to solve my problems before adding one more module which may be cause of more confusion.
But I would like to ask anyway if any bus on the ES-5 is OK or if there is a “preferred bus” or something like that... I plan to use Bus #4.

Thank you for your assistance!
You can't use the ES-5 or any of the ESX expanders on a slave device in an Aggregate if that device has "Drift Correction" turned on. Is that what's happening?
Hi OS!

I didn't know that! Yes, Drift Correction is on on all 3 FF800. OSX turns it automatically on so I was thinking this is OK so.

Thank you for this hint! I will try today and post when I am back home.

Hi OS!

It works now!!! Thank you for your help!

Merry Christmas!
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