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White & Pink noise générator synth with filter
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Author White & Pink noise générator synth with filter
I am looking for a white and pink noise generator/ synth with a low pass filter (24db or 12db / oct) with a 6.35 jack output.
Thanks !
Maybe a few spaces of 5u would work? Would be configured just how you need it and would be ultimately flexible.
There is probably a guitar pedal solution, but I don't know that space very well. Rainger Air Traffic Controller appears to be in the right direction.

One Eurorack vendor that comes to mind is Bastl, since they have some products specifically aimed at interfacing with guitar. Their Bobek kit is aimed at this and has a 6.35 i/o module (Hendrikson) and a nice filter that includes a LPF (Cinnamon). Add a Noise Square to the kit for your white and pink noise, and you are good to go. You could also get those three modules separately and DIY an enclosure for, I'd guess, around half the price of the Bobek.

In Eurorack there are a LOT of noise, LPF, and 6.35 i/o options out there so I'd just look things up on modulargrid if you want to go that route. SSF Quantum Rainbow is another great noise module and there are gobs of LPFs and 6.35 i/o modules.
NORD MODULAR...any of them.
while not exactly what you are looking for, the SSF Quantum Rainbow2 is a fantastic noise generator, with multiple outs... Would be pretty easy to put it into a small skiff with a LPF.... I LOVE the Epoch Modular Twin Peaks filter, which has LP and BP... Works beautifully with the Quantum Rainbow too.... The Quanta noise in the SSF modules is the best digital noise source I have found....
JM Midnight
The Frap Tools Sapel is a random with white, pink. red and blue noise; plus it functions as a quantizer, clock divider and S&H if you want it.
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