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James Holden - Animal Spirits
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Author James Holden - Animal Spirits
Really impressed with this new album and Ive been trying to figure out once again his method of working.
Looks like he has built his own software which kicks out MIDI to his eurorack via Yarns/Shuttle and then he goes from there.

Im seeing Cweyman VCO and VCA in his live rack along with DSI Filters and indeed a big old Verbos Harmonic Oscillator. Looking at his Instagram you can see these.

Anyone else got any further info on his recent output - not Inheritors era.

He's grown tremendously as an artist-
always pushing his own boundaries further-
His last two albums are both a-ma-zing IMO and reward multiple listening. I find it hard to believe the psychedelic Animal Spirits went by so quietly... or maybe I just visited the wrong places...

Didn't know about his live rack- Thanks-

edit: can't find much besides a few remixes. Nothing really prepared me for the organic psychedelics of animal spirits except for his live-performances-- A really brave step that many bigger names could not have taken IMO-
You know, I almost bought this today from the Nottingham fopp, but somehow passed on it-I even had it in my hand!- it had a decent review/blurb in the record shop.

Kicking myself because after listening to some tracks online it sounds quite good.
My girlfriend just bought me this for Christmas with no preempting or even discussion. Of Holden for the last couple of years - she's a keeper It's peanut butter jelly time!

I'm really enjoying it. I did a band with my friends doing Gnawan trance based stuff and he's certainly got some of that vibe going, but I'm loving the proggyness and earthyness of it all.

I really would like to catch a live show now as I'm sure they're well through the 'novelty' stage of performing and fully into the paying now. Awesome !
applause it's an amazing album.

Surely he's on this forum....somewhere
The Inheritors was one of my favourite albums of this decade, but I'm having difficult time with The Animal Spirits to be honest. It doesn't help that the group's live show I saw was quite stiff and lackluster (it might've improved since, the Le Guess Who gig was one of their first ones I believe).
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