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TM-3030 part substitutions
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Author TM-3030 part substitutions
Hi. I've decided to dig up my TM-3030 PCB and finally get round to building it after too many years. I notice that not all the parts are still manufactured and wondered if there are any good substitutes.

1) 3080 - got loads of these, but has anybody tried one of the recent BA662 clones?

2) FETs - I've got plenty of 2N5457 kicking about, but no J201 or 2SK30 (of any type). Are these suitable?

3) SSM2010/2SC1583 dual transistors - I don't have any spares and I don't want to spend a fortune on possible fakes. How critical are these parts, and can I get away with two regular discrete transistors?

I do have the THAT300 array, happily. Any advice/experience/suggestions welcome smile

The BA662 clones are good I hear. But I'd wager that the 3080/J201 is just as good.

Older J201 are still available from Guitar Effects places but also Mouser sell new ones - which is where I get them now.

The 2SK30-Y really needs to be that one.

The SSM2210s can be replaced by matched pairs of BC550B. Match them for Vbe to the nearest millivolt and stick them together with a small cable tie and a tiny bit of heatsink paste.

Thanks Tony – time to source these FETs then.
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