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the ridiculous dream accomplished
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Author the ridiculous dream accomplished
many years ago in college i had access to a synclav and a modular moog in separate drove me nuts...not even a patch bay connecting them - so late at night i'd lay cable to connect the synclav audio out to the moog and play...satisfying but limited since the moog couldn't control/react to the synclav

today i made it happen with silent way connecting my eurorack rig to the arturia synclav - using midi cc to control any parameter - and both of them reacting to whatever i wanted
digital performer 9, es3, and motu 2408mk3 interfaces
sw cv input and cv to midi - doepfer 132-3 via and 4ms vca matrix-
key tricks is using the iac port to target with the midi - and lots of bus routing (mainly cause i wanted to record the cv just cause morton)

everything playing together - the results are of the beautiful potential-
my modulation orgy under tap tempo firing into fm modulation of the synclav with that output feeding my mankato filter being modulated by a attenuated version of the same orgy output just made me giggle

tis the season to have time to make these little dreams come true


fwiw it took me about 2 hours to get to giggling insanely - would have been much less but i had a few bad patch cables get in my way and it was a bugger to find them - it always the long ones.....
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