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Nuendo vs Reaper for Sound Design
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Author Nuendo vs Reaper for Sound Design
I'm a bit fed up dealing with ProTools' quirks, so I'll be keeping it around for other reasons, but I'd like to find a new sound design workhorse DAW. Of course I'll end up sticking with what feels the best to me, just figured it's worth running it by some of the more experienced users here.

Please chime in with your experience using either Nuendo or Reaper. I'll be using it strictly for sound design for film and games. Here's what I've gathered so far to give you a point of reference

Nuendo Pros:
    -Deep "Audiosuite" functionality
    -Works with Wwise somehow (?)
    -Excellent batch processing
    -Sound randomizer looks incredibly useful

Reaper Pros:
    -Considerably cheaper
    -Highly customizable
    -Video editing (?)
    -Working with different sample rates
    -Simplified routing
reaper also has excellent batch processing. i can sing reaper praises for days. it's has a ton under the hood but you'll have to be ok with its somewhat bland gui. i'm used to it and it is an understandable turn off for some.

in terms of load time and performance ... reaper is lighter on its feet than anything else i've ever used. very fast.
Reaper has become the go to DAW for the sound art, found recording, field recording folks which would seem a ringing endorsement for sound design. I don't know how it handles video though. I did a 3 day field recording workshop with some well respected Canadian sound art folks and everyone was using reaper. They did a lot of work with a 9 speaker setup and they found the plugs and routing they needed worked best in reaper.
Thanks for the insight guys!

I've started my reaper trial, and so far so good. Plenty of re-skins to enhance the UI, which is slightly bland as you said by default.

One thing I've yet to figure out is something to replace my Workspace window from protools. I really did enjoy not having to use a separate app for sound library/Metadata managing. Still a lot to learn, though, so we'll see!
I'm quickly becoming a Reaper fan but the last I checked, it had zero support for OMF or AAF files. That puts up a serious roadblock for collaboration with picture editors.
I'm still in the process of switching from Ableton Live, but from now, Reaper is just incredible. The routing capabilities are we're not worthy

it's like...freedom
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