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USB Device for ES40 with inputs and outputs?
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Author USB Device for ES40 with inputs and outputs?

i´m using an ES-40/ESX-8Cv and ES-7.
Problem is that my Mackie 1640i doesn´t want to work with my motu ultralite (for the spdif connections) as an aggregate device so i´m in dire need for a device which would handle the input/output of the expert sleepers hardware, for example USB to SPDIF input/output.

of course i googled but it seems i can´t find something like that plus i´m not exactly sure what the specifications of such a device would be.
Any help would be greatly apprechiated, i´d like to record and output cv´s! smile

i know an es-8 would probably simplify all of this but since i have the modules allready i´d like to put them to use.

Thanks and merry chrismas.
Ok, i realize it sounds like i´m searching for a soundcard like motu and such but i´m not.
I do have have a device from SPEAKA which translates my mac´s optical output to SPDIF to the ES-40 and probably i could also get a device which does it the other way round so i could actually put my ES-7 to use. For studio purposes this might do the trick but for live it´s not possible because the macbook doesn´t have optical input and outputs.

So i wonder if there is a simple device like i asked for in my posting above, preferably USB.
Or any other solution i might not think of.

You are looking for a sound card, just a stereo one. Search Amazon for "USB SPDIF" and a ton of simple devices pop up.

You'll still need to use it as an Aggregate though.

I´m about to get an ESI U24 XL.

Aggregate Device works fine with the mac internal outputs so i assume it will work with this one as well, as long as it isn´t via firewire.

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