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Disting MIDI Clock Issue
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Author Disting MIDI Clock Issue

I am using a Disting mk4 to convert an analogue clock pulse which is sent from our first 'master' Octatrack to a MIDI clock to sync our 2nd OT.

But I am having some issues. The Disting will always start the slaved OT but usually at a very wrong tempo. It puts the slaved OT at maxed out BPM of 300 when I am sending 24ppq (at 120-ish BPMs) clock pulses out of the 1st OT. I have the parameters set for division to 1:1

And then sometimes it does work and then it will continue to work reliably. But I can't figure out why it would all of the sudden - not really any hints on that one because I literally change nothing.

The clock pulses are unipolar. The waveform coming out of the OT jack (that is directly connected to the X input of the Disting) looks like:

Note in this screenshot the amplitude is closer to 1V than I've tried. I've tried up to 5V peak waveforms with no noticeable ringing anywhere near the 1V threshold and still no luck.

I've tried a few various width clock pulses, amplitudes, and even LPF them, etc. and cannot get the Disting to recognise the correct tempo.

Is there some canonical tick pulse waveform I should be using? Or any other advise?
I have some more info that may help (?)

It seems it's time based when it starts working. No matter what I try - within the first 5-10 minutes or so it doesn't output the right tempo. But after some time, it will start working properly and output the right tempo. Then it works fine till I come back and restart the system the next day. Or even if I just turn it off after working, then turn it right back on... doesn't work.
I'll look into that. Seems odd.
I think you want the division parameter set to 0 (1/96). That's the setting that makes the output MIDI clocks match the input pulses 1:1. (Sorry, I think I may have confused that in previous replies.)
Whoops! Yea, set to 0, it's now working soon as I start the machines! So does this setting introduce any latencies or anything? Is it really dividing my input clock by 96? I think I'm feeding it 24ppq from the OT.

No, it's not dividing it at all. "1/96" means a clock is a 96th note, which is 24ppqn.
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