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Anybody know it? artist: Automat year: 1978 (Elka Synthex)
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Author Anybody know it? artist: Automat year: 1978 (Elka Synthex)
A quick search here at MW didn't yield any results. I have thousands of obscure synth/concrete, et al, etc records so I am sorta amazed that i had never run across this until tonight. Interesting how side 1 is structured like a DJ set, with the same beat used throughout. Kraftwerk/Italo disco heads, take note!

Here is the blurb found below the vid on YT:

"All the sounds in this album were generated by the MCS70, a monophonic analog synthesizer designed, built and programmed by the Italian engineer Mario Maggi.

Automat was Musumarra's initiative – after learning about the new instrument, he proposed to EMI Italy that he produce an album of electronic instrumental music. Although at the time such a project was considered risky, the answer was positive. EMI suggested, however, that Claudio Gizzi, a more experienced composer that already worked with them, also participate in the project.

The composition work was divided: Gizzi contributed to side A, who filled it with a long suite with 3 movements, and Musumarra contributed to side B, who composed three shorter pieces.

They had very little time to complete the project with only four weeks in the studio. As a result, the last track, Mecadence, was left somewhat incomplete.

The condition imposed by Mario Maggi to participate on the project was that the MCS70 were the only synthesizer used in it. All the sounds had to be obtained from it, even the drum sounds. The MCS70 would be presented in the 1978 Frankfurt Musikmesse and, for Maggi, the album would be a demonstration of the capabilities of his new synth.

MCS means "Memory Controlled Synthesizer". It was common for synths at the time to need the manual adjustment of every control in the panel to get a desired sound, a task that often took a considerable amount of time. In the MCS70 a sound, once programmed, could be stored in memory and quickly recovered later. Mario Maggi filled the 64 available memory positions with sounds created by him and these were the sounds used in the album.

Only one MCS70 was ever built. Before going into production, polyphonic synthesizers like the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 arrived at the market and, all of a sudden, monophonic synths were considered obsolete. Mario Maggi then dropped the MCS70 project and started what would be his most famous synthesizer project ever: the polyphonic Elka Synthex. "

remove the "s" from https ...

MatrixSynths ears must be burning- here is the synth used to make the Automat record.
Although this source says that 3, not one, MCS 70s were made before abandoning it for the Elka Synthex ore

Quite a cool coincidence for this to show up a day after my post!
It's a great record. Found it on a synth blog several years ago. Lots of interesting stuff. Crazy they used one synth.
Side 1 is better than 2, imo.
Second side feels a bit... unfinished.
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