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Es-8 Ableton Setup Windows
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Author Es-8 Ableton Setup Windows
I just recently bought myself the es-8 by expert sleepers, I'm having some issues with the setup: How do I setup Ableton in such a way that I can send audio to my monitors using my audio interface, while still remaining the usability of the es-8? I can only select 1 audio device? For reference: I have a RME babyface that I use to send audio to my monitors.

thanks in advanced,
I don't think you can. evices-and-multiple-audio-interfaces-in-Live
I’ve come one step closer using ASIO4ALL, the only thing I’ve able to test thusfar is getting audio from the ES-8 out of my monitors. Any extra tips or helps with the setup og ASIO4ALL is appreciated.
How I do it is, in sound preferences, in recording devices there's the es-8. I go there and check the 'listen to this device' box and select my soundcard there.
Then in ableton you should just select the es-8 as the interface and everything that's inputed to channels 1 and 2 from your es-8 will sound through your speakers. That's the basics.

My actual set up is, I send my last output from the modular to input 3 and 4 from the es-8, then I route input 3 and 4 from ableton in an audio track to output 1 and 2, that are patched to input 1 and 2. That way I always have an audio track specifically for the modular and I can use it while listening to other stuff on the ableton project.

Try this out and let me know if it works for you!
@Half asleep did you manage to find a solution?
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