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Help building 5U modular dubwise effector ?
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Author Help building 5U modular dubwise effector ?
First, i NEED COTK analog delay, then Jurgen Haible Tau phaser we're not worthy .
These two will be my main weapons since i already have spring and digital reverbs.

For filtering i already use SEM20 filter, QMMG, and Minimoog filter soon, if everything ends good.

But i wonder what could be those:

Flanger ? (i think about equinox)

Input/Output modules to patch auxiliary send and bus inserts of my desk?

Enveloppe follower ?

I'd like to hear some suggestions related to that (or not) if some of you are fond of dub mixing and 5U, thanks.

matrix mixer, kill switches and some sort of overdrive.
Some suggestions for effects:
matrix mixer, kill switches and some sort of overdrive.

Thx Illiac In fact i will have a matrix mixer soon on my 3u modular (doepfer a138m)
I already have the kill (mute) switches on the GS3000 sends, and she already help for feedback patching.

For saturations and plugging in the delay loop i have 3U WMD Geiger counter.

Thanks JohlLrice but i will not put that amount of money.
Was not impressed or interested by the modcan flanger.
It sounds pretty boring to me.

But the 65B i can see the potential for stereo madness, thanks for pointing me in that direction. thumbs up
O6b looks interesting too, now !
little bump.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the COTK delay actually a digital one? I'm not up on current dub, but the stuff I remember relied pretty heavily on the analog delay sound - can the cotk one get that?
Did you mean roots dub and tape delays ?

For the COTK 1680 It is even written on it, no ?

Dub is a wide spectrum and it is not about a technology or another. Everything is good between good hands i think.

Listen to Bush Chemists, Iration steppas or Mad professor for some digital flavor of dub music. Full of SDE, SDD, 606 and other delays.
Kanka, Roots Manuva, Improvisators dub, High many more. I'm glad they don't limit themselves to a technology.

Myself digital or analog i don't mind this time. It integrates what i want, but i guess its analog.
The COTK 1680 Voltage Controlled "Analog" Delay is actually based around a PT2395 which is a digital IC. So I guess it shouldn't really be called an analog delay. It still sounds pretty cool though!
Thanks for the list of new stuff to listen to! And I'm glad that this will work for you - just didn't want you to be surprised with the results if you were going for a certain flavor X and got flavor Y instead!
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