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How’s this voice in Caribou’s “Silver” made?
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Author How’s this voice in Caribou’s “Silver” made?
Okay, so this is probably obvious, but I’m curious how to produce a sound like the synth voice that comes in around 1:50/2:00 in Caribou’s “Silver”:

I imagine it’s pretty simple (it’s got a kind of chiptunesy vibe, and I’m guessing it’s some super simple waveform chorused and with reverb), but I’m betting people here will know much better than I. (Sorry if I’ve got the wrong subforum!)
I'll guess . . .sounds like a saw wave (or two?) through a VCA modulated with an envelope that has a slow attack and decay/release and then the output of the VCA is passed through a delay and reverb?
Yep, I guess it is the detuning between the two oscillators, not a chorus, it would be wider otherwise ?
It’s really effective, it’s quite buzzy, almost some EQ or gentle hi pass going on.
The chorus/doubling might just be a very slight slow vibrato on a single oscillator which is then patched to a short delay hmmm.....

An excellent example of how important amplitude envelopes are to sound design. w00t
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