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VCV Rack vs Reaktor Blocks
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Author VCV Rack vs Reaktor Blocks
Moon Indigo
I am a regular user of Reaktor Blocks, together with my hardware modular, using ES8 to connect the two. I run Reaktor VST in Ableton.

Any comments on the pros/cons of using VCV in a similar way? It seems a lot of energy is going into VCV Racks, I don’t want to miss out on a good thing.

there are a couple comprehensive threads on both of these platforms so i wont get too specific, but in general i found blocks to be more of a finished product (not crashy / cpu intensive / etc). but yeah, it costs money if you dont have reaktor already;)

i think vcv has the potential to be more efficient and visually interesting than blocks, since its not tied to something like reaktor, but ive already enjoyed getting into some of the guts of blocks within reaktor, so theres that..

this probably isnt very helpful confused
VCV is easier to handle. Reaktor is a bit abstract.
Moon Indigo
Thanks all. This is a bit of a steer. I’ll stick with Reaktor Blocks for now.
The Space Disco
I find em hard to compare, I LOVE patching in both. And now, with the link module, you’re able to combine em.
VCV Rack is the best thing that has happened to open source in a very long time.
shreeswifty wrote:
VCV Rack is the best thing that has happened to open source in a very long time.

I agree if you qualify that with Open source music software. On the other hand I think since v0.5.1 has been released I've found that VCV Rack is running very well (on pretty dated laptops) and would eagerly recommend trying it out. It's practically free (if you don't buy modules -- only a few people are selling modules right now) so it can't hurt. Plus there are integrations for Reason and Ableton. Rockin' Banana!
I'm not sure why anyone would consider VCV Rack to not be open-source. The license is BSD 3-clause and is therefore as open as Blender and Firefox. These too have many commercial plugins, yet no one would argue that Blender or Firefox is nonfree. In fact VCV Rack is more free / open-source than packages like GIMP or Ardour since commercial plugins are allowed, rather than banned because of a license like the GPL.
Blocks is SICK. so much control.

VCV is pretty cool. it looks nicer.

winner [for me] BLOCKS. more options with more gear. its kinda allowed me to get rid of a bunch of modules. really like the LFOs. use em on everything smile
[using an ES-8]
phase ghost
Both are awesome. VCV is worth installing just for the mutable modules.
The problem with Reaktor Blocks to me is that Reaktor's interface was designed with the concept in mind of a sort of "build your own synth/effect" software, not at all to be a modular synth. Patching on it feels nowhere near as fast and fluid as it does on a modular. I think VCV has its own flaws in design philosophy, but I have 10x more fun using it than I've ever had with blocks.
astrodislocate wrote:
I think VCV has its own flaws in design philosophy

Could you elaborate on what you think those are?
while reaktor blocks certainly are nicely finished, the reaktor VST software itself feels rather zoom capabilities? no keyboard undo when working in ableton? frustrating
How do they compare CPU-wise?
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