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Es-8 windows setup help
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Author Es-8 windows setup help
Hello fellow wigglers,
I have recently bought myself the es-8 module, mainly for its ability to sync my modular with low latency to my DAW. I have encountered several problems, and I have several questions regarding these problems. As for the gear I'm using: Ableton Live 9, RME Babyface (old model) with windows 10. I probably have a lot of noob questions so please bear with me..

The first problem I encountered is not being able to select multiple Audio devices in Windows. After struggling with that for some time I found a solution -> ASIO4ALL. That unfortunately brought me with a new problem.. Latency. When sending an audio loop through clouds with just some reverb back to my modular I experienced about 62.5 ms of Latency (I recall hearing Oz of Expert Sleepers say something about 5 ms of latency). I thought this latency with due to the fact that I wasn't able to configure ASIO4ALL correctly. So I tried using just the es-8 driver and check what the latency was through that, and switch back to my RME drivers to hear what I have recorded: about the same in Low latency mode.. This is how far I have come thusfar.

I see two possible solutions to these problems, but I'd like to hear your take on it: One solution is setting up ASIO4ALL in a more efficient manner (not sure if this is possible at all). The second solution could be using the es-8 in "standalone operation" in combination with the ADAT in and out of my RME Babyface.

Thanks for all the help in advanced!
ADAT is probably the best solution.
@Halfasleep I replied to your email.
Also experiencing a similar issue, have tried a couple of different programs and none recognize the ES-8 as an ASIO interface - also no error messages being received in the console. It would be interesting to know if you managed to find a solution to this problem.

@os also sent you a mail this evening, requesting some support
just wondering what is the best way to set the es-8 in windows?
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