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5U power questions
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Author 5U power questions
I just received some .COM modules that have been modded and that I'd like to repair.

I have a Q103 with a Q115 reverb mounted behind it as well.

Would I be able to Qps4 and connect directly to this module and use a power harness? OR would I need a different supply.

Also should I go for a bigger supply just to be ready for inevitable expansion?
If you really think that you'll only have ~8 modules, than then QPS 2 or 4 will due but to your question, the QPS4 only has a single DIN connector on it, which is meant to plug into a dotcom cabinet that would have a wiring harness on the inside (which breaks the single din into 8 MTA connectors, each of which plugs into each powered module.

The QPS2 is essentially the same power supply as the '4' in that it is relatively low power (estimated at running approx 8 modules) and has the 8 individual wires attached to it. It's a bit ugly and really meant to be stuffed inside a DIY case (e.g. wire nuts and a mangle of wire).

Have a look at their web site.

What I would do is pick up the QPS4 and fashion a distribution board with a female DIN connector on it then use individual leads which are of proper length to suit.

You can go big (now); it's really a matter of economics, how big you think you will grow over what period of time and how much work you want to have to put into it in terms of mounting a fused switch, stripping/soldering wires, etc.

Roger from dotcom, makes the fancy cases and most use the din based power connector (the new deep moog style cabinets, the BOX style cabinets and even the older portable style cases). All you need is $$ to buy it all and if you are like most of us, you would rather invest your hard earned dollars into the next module that you are looking to bring on rather than blow several hundred $$ on cabinets and power components.

My 2p.
If you want the simplest plug-and-play setup just get the QPS2 for $125 since it has a power harness already attached? cool

Or you could get one of Analog Craftsman's switching supplies for $80 and one of his little distro boards for $20 and one or more power cables for $4 each? I bet he would make you a package deal and connect it all up and test it for you? cool

Or, if you are a little more adventurous with DIY but don't want to mess with dangerous voltages/currents you could take a chance on buying a switching supply and figure out the wiring to the modules yourself? Here's one for $34 that "should" work but I have no idea how well since I've never tried one: r-Supply-5-Volt-2-5-Amp-15-Volt-0-5-Amp-15-Volt-0-3-Amp-5-pin-DIN_2217 20.html

I'd say if you are getting this to troubleshoot and test modules, you'd be better off spending more to get a setup from a modular manufacturer like DotCom or AC since you don't want power supply issues making it harder to repair your modules! hihi
Thank you all for the input!

I may or may not want to build a larger system and get into some hordijk panels that will be a long while though...

I probably could do a small bussboard etc. but by the time I'm done I should probably just go for a premade supply that I know works. As stated above, want to be sure the modules are the problem and not the supply... Dead Banana

I'm really not sure about my direction in 5U might have to PM some experts to hear their opinions... Rockin' Banana!
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