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Dance with the Dead
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Author Dance with the Dead
Honestly I am kinda surprised there is not already a topic about them, anyways Dance with the Dead has a John Carpenter 80's vibe with a modern twists and metal edge. Every time I listen to them even if I have listened to that song or album 100 times before I always feel like they keep taking it to the next level, I can't dislike it even if I want too. Also even though they have a pretty particular sound they some how never seem to get old. My summary and testimony does not give them justice so please go listen to them if you find what I have to say even mildly intriguing. Obviously l love them but I am am bored by my thoughts and would love to hear your folks thoughts on them (this should go without saying but negative, positive, and and anywhere in between thoughts are welcomed and encouraged).

Here is their Bandcamp page
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