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Signal Culture Apps?
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Author Signal Culture Apps?
who here is using the sweet-looking signal culture apps?

any thoughts? they seem like the do errythang that the LZX vidiot does, but on a computer

yes? no? brickbats? bouquets?
Just got those also.
Will be playing with them and can post if you like. I would love to see your posts also.

They seem to run fine on my computer although I will be trying to uncheck the 32bit box on the app to see if they run smoother.
lumena pls do post!!!
I love 'em. My favorite thing to do so far is running my LZX stuff through ReTrace. I'll post some video soon..

My avatar pic is some footage of a little waterfall that I shot on an iPhone and then ran through ReTrace. There's also some mirroring from an Edirol V8.. I don't remember what else I did to it- it probably went through my LZX rig, too.

I'm not really up to speed on Vidiot news, but I'd be surprised if there's any overlap between that and the Signal Culture stuff. Signal Culture is all about crazy digital tricks that you can't do with LZX gear right now. The upcoming digital modules from LZX and Erogenous Tones may change that- I can't wait to see how all that turns out..

BTW, Signal Culture is a nonprofit, so buying their apps can be counted as a tax-deductible donation. I think it's something like $75 for everything.
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