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update explanations
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Author update explanations
well, Ive been working on the site, and its annoying!
So, Im going to treat the forum as a homebase.
Whats that mean?
It means you are going to be seeing a lot of half finished incomplete threads that arent going to make sense untill the middle of the week.

Basically Im going to start threads for all the gear I want to demonstrate,talk about,showcase,etc....
Then link those threads to

So instead of having a badly designed webpage full of audio demos and half witted explanations about why i like that product or what i think it can do that no can respond to,
Im going to have threads on the muffwiggler forum full of audio demos,chatter,etc that will continue to grow.
This also gives other people the ability to add there own input.

This will all make sense in a couple days.

Theres also TONS of stuff that I have been going through all weekend,
trying to sort through, and its taking longer than I thought.
Its actually time to start taking this stuff apart and arranging it into songs.
Theres a lot of it :shock:
There is also stuff that sits there that Im not sure how Im going to arrange into songform yet, but its also got so much stuff in the chain that I'm not sure how or what kind of gear demo I would classify it under hmm....
So I'll probly start a miscellaneous audio experiements thread for stuff like that because Im tired of it sitting on the harddrive with no audience but me.
Here is an example of what Im talking about(I think this is what metasonix means when they say "Grinding berzerk distortion" when referencing the TM-1) The Grinding you hear is from the TM-1! smile
ER-1 Resonator TM-1 TM-7 GRINDING!
Muff Wiggler
sounds good to me! hopefully will get more people interested in the forum as well
Yeah it should gravitate more people, seeing how they are going to be directly linked to hear stuff,read stuff anyway they might as well post their own stuff and ask questions/add comments too.
Plus I would rather continuosly update threads than a webpage, its easier lol
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