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Berlin School - Is there an audience?
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Author Berlin School - Is there an audience?
like many on this forum I love me some trippy berlin school, but is it a viable genre to play live?

I dont mean get rich, just not pay to play
I'm sure you could play at Cole's or Burlington on a weeknight doing spacey stuff. I'm also pretty sure that Quenchers will let just about anyone play there. I wouldn't expect a built in crowd at any of these places except for maybe Cole's. You might be playing to an empty room especially around this time of the year but it's good practice.
I guess you must organize your event yourself. Maybe it is a benefit if you can do your performance during an exhibition.
You can, but you need to find the right audience.

I'm in convenient range of the bigger cities of the pacific northwest (think Seattle, Tacoma, Bellingham, Portland ...) where weed has been legalised. Turns out, stoners do like some trippiness in their music.

I'd give that a try. Your location lists as Chicago, so maybe you could consider some of the more counterculture venues and offer a mind-expanding show? Good light shows help there as well.
places to play in chicago are plentiful, just not sure if the audience is
Create an event and reach out and include more artists, maybe some projection/film people. Start off your gig on a weeknight so there’s less pressure to be a beer salesperson. Hang flyers, post on social media, start a thread in the gig section of Muffs. The more people who hear aboutit, the more likely you will reach some genuinely interested fellow travelers.

Nobody there will know Berlin School from whatever school. That’s not an issue.
The whole premise of this seems strange. If you want to play out, play out. There are risks with any venture, including occasionally possibly losing money playing out. Just decide if sharing your art is worth it or important to you.
There is definitly an audience!
Especially if you play in druggie clubs :)
I'd look for counter culture venues or chill out areas of Goa-raves. And look for like-mindes musicians in your area.
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