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Help recording with es3&es6 and focusrite 18i20
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Author Help recording with es3&es6 and focusrite 18i20
Hey! I just received a focus rite 18i20 2nd generation around xmas, as it has dat i was eager to check out the expert sleepers modules so I picked up the es-3 and es-6.

Unfortunately I've had some difficulties setting em up to record.

I tested the Voice controller following the videos for logic, and was successful in getting it to calibrate - but now I'm running into an issue where it won't record my adat input.

has anyone set up their expert sleeper via focusrite 18i20 and logic pro x? i know it specific. if so could you share how you set up you focus rite control (digital mixer program)

It seems to do with the fact that I have a channel for monitoring my synth but if I try to record it doesn’t work

i noticed someone mentioned OS has a contact at Focusrite - maybe i could be put into contact with them.

[please help - spent two days and made very little ground.]
very frustrating I’ve decided to return both modules. First modules I’ve ever returned or given up on. While I understand my previous post maybe hard to under- in short I was able to use the Adats for record UNTIL I added silentway into the mix/ then my audio channels would just go silent - even when silent way worked it was like I could hear it from my monitors but it didn’t record. I’m sure it’s some routing issue I’m missing- i don’t think it’s work the time
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