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Question about Silent Way in Cubase 9.5
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Author Question about Silent Way in Cubase 9.5
Hey guys!
I have a question about Silent way and the ES-8 in Cubase 9.5
It all works fine with the Voice Controller and i followed the Cubase 5.5 tutorial on Expert Sleepers to configure the routing of all my channels. But when i use one mono audio channel called 'monitor' to monitor and record the audio and another channel called synth in it seems the sound comes from both channels. Seems that the routing is different in 9.5
Can i kill one channel and just use the 'synth in' to record audio or apply fx? So i

(or what is the best way to apply internal vst effects)

This is btw the video i am referring to.

Kind regards,

In Cubase 9 the VST3 Voice Controller has a side chain input, which is probably the best way to go about things.
How do i exactly set this up?
It's much the same, except you can use the VSTi for calibration and leave it in place to do the MIDI/CV. Select the synth input in the side chain dropdown at the top of the plug-in window.
Maby it is just me but i really can't find any dropdown at the top of the plug in window? I only know there is a side chain activate button and that's technically what i press. I can't select any input from the SW VC VSTi tho.

Maby it is just me.
Apologies, it's the channel settings window you want (and then activate the side chain).
Ah got it, so then the previous group channel i could delete ?

So i have now only the SW VC vsti running, enabled the side chain button, on my mono audio track i i select the output to the sidechained SW VC.

I will try it out, but i just wanted to ask to be sure ofcourse. I used it before with 2 audio tracks, midi track for midi ofcourse and a group channel. (Just like the 5.5 tutorial on your website)

I love your hardware btw man, thinking to buy also a second disting mk4!
Oh and on the VSTi i should put the output of course on the CV outs 5.1 output i made for the ES8 to send out the cv's (not the normal output)


I guess i am doing it totally wrong or so d'oh! hihi

It is suppose to be like the old way ? I could only kill the midi track i made previous?

Killing myself. Mr. Green
I don't think the 5.1 bus is the way to go. Three stereo outputs would be easier.

Ah it all begins to make sense to me now. applause
Is there perhaps any possibility to make some screenshots from how you got it set up in Cubase ? I thought i was gettin' it to work. But i only got crackles and plops out of my speakers.. nothing is calibrating and so on.
Hey Os, i got it finally to work! I guess this is all quit new for me, so sorry for all the questions.

Anyways, i used the side chain input from the SW VC on the send channel from my synth input and the output to my speakers. Because when i set the output to the SW VC side chain i could not figure out how i would eventually would hear my synth.

Anyways, i made 3 stereo outputs configured to the ES8 outs and selected those in the 3 stereo outputs in SW VC. So all is fine, i could calibrate my VCO and now i am happy as fuck.

Thanks man!

Oh btw, can i use for example the SW Sync als clock pulse? Does it works like the same method as above?

Now i am sending an pulse out of my ES8 into my modular which works fine.. But ofcourse, i want to try all the other plugins aswell. ^^
Glad you got it to work.

SW Sync is designed specifically to provide clock pulses, so yes.
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