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ES-8 with Silent Way Suite
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Author ES-8 with Silent Way Suite
I recently installed the hardware via USB 3 on a Mac Mini Late 2014 3 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, High Sierra 10.13.1 (17B1003), Ableton Live Suite 9.7.5, Aggregate device (Focusrite LS56 + ES-8).

After few attempts with the demo I purchased the licence.

I am just starting to learn how to use some external voltages and translate them into MIDI data, I will study the opposite path (MIDI to CV) later.

I assumed not to need further I/O audio interfaces when the ES-8 is installed: raw voltages straight into the 4 mini jack inputs will be delivered directly into the respective Live 9 tracks.

I also assumed that voltages never have to be routed to any other audio interface outputs but the ES-8 mini jack outs, in order to prevent possible damages..: audio tracks outputs always set to “sends only” and sends set to off (zero).

I also assumed that specific plug-ins should be used in the host tracks in order to detect/interpret/translate the actual voltage into the desired MIDI data: one plug in for incoming gates to become MIDI notes On/Off, another plug-in to translate ribbon pressure into MIDI CC expression and so on for velocity... It's rather confusing me, I have to admit.

I found that the manual doesn't propose the plug-ins description according to the 2 main path (CV to MIDI, MIDI to CV)

So it took me a while, for instance, to get that CV Trigger (the version for audio track) is needed to obtain a gate from external hardware burst out; then I got that this rack chain demands to add a CV to MIDI plug-in immediately after, setting proper values for the note ON/OFF MIDI data, targeting a IAC Driver Bus which has been set as MIDI input for the virtual instruments or external MIDI instruments…

Now, the same IAC Driver Bus must be fed at least by informations concerning the degrees of the desired notes and I aim at using scaled (quantized) voltages from Intellijel uScale II. So I will create another Live 9 audio track for this purpose.

Can someone tell please which plug in is the correct one in order to translate scaled voltages into the respective MIDI note degrees (C2, C#2, D2. D#2 etc.) ?

As far as I know, the MIDI protocol marks a difference between fixed degree data (C2, C#2, D2. D#2 etc.) and the actual Pitch wheel data.

To the same extent, which are the plug-ins to be chained in order to translate offsets into 0-127 velocity values?

To the same extent, which are the plug-ins to be chained in order to translate incoming voltages from ribbon pressure into CC 011 expression data?

Thanks for support

Best wishes
Can someone maybe answer my questions please, I missed the ES date @modularsquare last autumn, goddam.. we're not worthy
Silent Way CV To MIDI is the plug-in you use for all CV to MIDI translation.

It doesn't currently support note velocities.
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