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Common theme of multiple Plague Bearers
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Author Common theme of multiple Plague Bearers
Plague Bearer virgin here considering a build but don't really have space for more than one.

I've seen it suggested a lot that you want at least two PBs to get the most out of this module. Is having just one, patching some feedback, modulating it carefully, and tweaking for the right gain structure not enough to get unstably lovely and grinding tones out of sine or tri audio sources? Or are folks mostly talking about having multiple so you can do stuff like get one self-oscillating like a dying animal and process that through another, or mangle audio in one and CV in another simultaneously?
i have an incredible patch right now running the cv out from my tb-03 into my matrix mixer, then into my one and only plague bearer and fed back (and forth) to the matrix mixer, then out to control an STO into an optomix

i cant say i dont think about getting another occasionally but we must remember 1 > 0 !!! Miley Cyrus
One is amazing.
Two are twomazing.
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