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H3000 no longer effects signal
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Author H3000 no longer effects signal
About to send this out for repair, but thought there might be something else I could check... I attempted to upgrade the roms in my h3000se. Cut the trace and soldered the jumper, used a meter to test the connection. Double checked how the eproms were seated, and even tried swapping the original roms back in.

When I turn it on, everything looks good, but no signal passes through when I switch the bypass off. Amy ideas??
Listen if you can hear the bypass relays engage and disengage when pushing the bypass button. I’ve had those fail, major PITA to replace.
bsilverberg wrote:
Listen if you can hear the bypass relays engage and disengage when pushing the bypass button. I’ve had those fail, major PITA to replace.

Yes, I can hear it engage. When bypass is on, the unit passes signal. Switch bypass off, and nothing comes through the output.
Wasn´t there suppose to be some INIT-boot done when the new roms where placed? Did this several years ago, so I could be mistaken.
Yes, there is a reset procedure:

A. Depress and hold the FUNCTION key while you switch on power.
B. Release the FUNCTION key.
C. When the H3000 displays "REMOVE ALL PRESETS?," press "YES" softkey.
D. When the H3000 displays "RESET THE OPERATING SYSTEM?," press the "YES" softkey.
E. The H3000 will automatically load program number 100 "DIATONIC SHIFT."
Can I continue on this thread, just to keep H3000 issues gathered? If not, let me know and I'll start a new. (also posted on GS, but I have high hopes on the Muff's smile)

Ok, I am having some issues on a H3000S I am trying to upgrade for a friend.

What we did: Upgraded to full ROM, H3500. Had to do the trace-cut and jumper bridging - no problems there. Tripple-checked with continuity.

Symptoms after: A little troublesome to even reset the OS, have to restart several times with the func button pressed before the OS reset initiated.
When reset:ed all seems fine with the full H3500 preset list and latest OS. All algorithms seems to work and everything seems to function properly, with edit, save, load etc.. But after perhaps 30-40 min of use the display starts to get corrupted characters and the preset names shifts randomly. After a few preset loads more, the whole display is unreadable full of non-english characters. If the unit is powered off and directly on again the issues remains. After several hours off, an OS reset can be done and the unit is fine for another 30-40 mins.

What we have tried after the symptoms: The Molex connector has been thrown out and all wires soldered directly. When the weird characters show up, the +5V rail seem stable and all IC's powered. We have tried to change the battery-RAM, but a version that is listed to work with the H3000S (BQ4010YMA-200), did not work in our unit.

Thoughts: Could it still be a PSU-issue? Bad filter caps maybe, because no re-cap of the big cap have been done. Could they behave badly when heated for 30-40 mins? Or is this something else? Any ideas welcome as we stumble little in the dark.
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